Want a change?

You want to make place in your freezer

Have your hunting, trap and/or domestic meat processed?

Rillette, creton and canned terrine is a solution

Discover our know-how, our way of working your products. The methods you will see here stem from our work habits as artisanal processors.  They remain traditional and have been applied to the kitchen of our preserves for more than 4 years now.

Deposit your raw material

After scheduling a phone meeting, take your meat to our shop.  We will receive it and store it in the freezer and then transform it.

For your planning you will need a minimum of 5 lbs of meat for some kind of product.

Here's a look at a pound of meat and prices:

1 lb chopped makes about 9 x 70g jars of greaves (3 x 220g jars)
1 lb chopped makes about 12 x 70g jars of terrines (4 x 220g jars)
1 lb roast makes about 9 x 70g jars of rillettes (3 x 220g jars)

Cretons – $5 per 70g jar ($10 per 220g jar)
Terrines – $6 per 70g jar ($12 per 220g jar)
Rillettes - $6.75 per 70g jar ($12.75 per 220g jar)

Delivery must be made in compliance with sanitary conditions and within the deadlines. Otherwise, we reserve the right to refuse your goods.

Preparation, casing, cooking and sterilization

The preparation of your products is done respecting our know-how. Depending on the recipes you have chosen, we prepare seasonings and meats before moving on to the next step.

Once the products are prepared, we take care of putting them in jars, manually. Thus, each can is unique!

Once each jar is filled, we put them in autoclaves, which take care of sterilizing the jars. 

Labelling of your canned goods

Once all your jars are cooked and sterilized, we take care of labeling them.

According to your request we can make a personalized label. Display the composition of the jar, our logo or other information. Know that it is possible to provide us with your label design beforehand so that we have a visual more adapted to you. Otherwise, a basic visual remains available.

Come and collect your jars

The last step is to pick up your jars. Your canned goods will be packed in cardboard, reusable and recyclable. Thus, you can easily load them into your vehicle and prevent them from breaking during transport.  We can, offer a delivery service.

Please note that you cannot resell the products to anyone, it is only for your personal consumption.